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■Promotion of Performing Arts and Culture

 Believing in the power of Performing Arts to empower individuals and society

GEIDANKYO provides a wide variety of activities to promote the performing arts and culture. Its projects aim to create more opportunities for people to enjoy and value theater, music, dance, Engei-vaudeville and other performing arts, and to energize the cycle of creation, inheritance and development as a result.


□A Closed Elementary School will be the Hub for Performing Arts

As a 40th anniversary commemorative activity, GEIDANKYO borrowed a closed elementary school from Shinjuku Ward in 2005 and called it Geino-Kadensha, with the aim of making it a hub for performing arts.

Many performing organizations make use of the venue for staging rehearsals, providing staff training, communicating with other organizations and holding meetings. A variety of people, regardless of age or gender, also use the facility as a place for life-long learning based on our provision of opportunities to appreciate the performing arts and to experience related workshops. Every year, about 150,000 people visit Geino-Kadensha.

We also promote activities at the request of local communities, local governments and other groups in cooperation with member organizations.


 Address: Division Office for  Promotion of Performing Arts
6-12-30 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 160-8374
 Phone: 81 +3 5909-3060
81 +3 5909-3066 (Space Rental)
 FAX: 81 +3 5909-3061